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How to prevent the recurrence of prostatitis man

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1, the ring spicy food, especially wine
Spicy food can dilate blood vessels, increased permeability of the blood vessel, so that there is inflammation of the prostate had congestion and edema, compression or voiding difficulty caused by stimulation of the urethra and urinary urgency and other symptoms occur, and the emergence of local pain. Some patients may think that the low alcohol content of beer, so not a big issue, not knowing to a certain amount of savings, the result is the same.
2, reasonable arrangements for sex life
Some patients with chronic prostatitis after the cessation of life, sick, in fact, this is wrong. Abstinence equally negative prostatitis, appropriate sexual life is not only not aggravate the condition, but help prostatitis subsided. Periodic emission of semen, can ease the sense of fullness in the prostate, prostatic fluid for continuously updated, will help the rehabilitation of the prostate.
3, large individual differences in sexual desire
In general, 20-30-year-old male ejaculation 1 every 2-3 days between 30-40-year-old male ejaculation 3-5 days 1, 40-50-year-old male ejaculation every 5-7 days is more reasonable 1 and 60 patients over the age of the best ejaculation 1-2 times a month to maintain. No sexual partners of unmarried men, the way can be a regular ejaculation masturbation. Incidentally, a word of warning, masturbation is not a sexual perversion, nor is it "bad habit", moderate masturbation hurt.
4, not holding back urine voiding time
Otherwise easily lead to urine reflux into the prostate tube, causing inflammation and may even lead to stone formation in the prostate.

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