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Kidney boutique / Cordyceps Zhuang Kidney Pills / sexual health products

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This product contains many kinds of precious Chinese medicine, application of high technology from refining, 15 minutes fast so that men with erectile, 180 hours of multiple erection. It can be used to make the penis larger, thicker, hard, strength enhancement, sexual life was prolonged to 120 minutes. The strains of pure natural system to do, without any side effects and dependence. The product is currently the most popular male erectile dysfunction, heart disease, high blood pressure, alcohol does not affect the results of the prostate in patients with good effect. Effectiveness of sustainable 180 hours!
Efficacy: impotence, premature ejaculation, weak sperm, sexual dysfunction, loss of libido, small penis, have a good effect!
Specifications: 1.5g, 40 particles.
Ingredients: Cordyceps sinensis, bullwhip and so on.
Instructions for use: take one 15 minutes before intercourse!
Price: $49
Free shipping.
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