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Creatine powder / enhance the physical / energy supplement

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The crowd: fitness crowd
Impact of: take 1 week, 20 grams per day, 4 times, each 5 grams, half an hour before exercise and 1-2 hours after exercise, take 1 of each, and the remaining 2 is free, but should be taken with the other sub-interval of 4 hours or more.
Maintenance phase: taking 6 weeks, 5 grams each, day 1, half an hour before training or brewed into tea for 1-2 hours after exercise.
6-week "maintenance phase", the disabled 2-3 weeks, and then repeat the "shock period" and "maintenance period" is used. Recommendation: take along with the fitness drink, while water intake be increased to promote creatine absorption and utilization.
Product Specifications: 250 g / bottle
Shelf life: 18 months
Storage: Store in a cool dry place
Price: $90
Free shipping.
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