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100% natural yellow pumpkin seed flour / 400 g

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1 100% natural yellow pumpkin seed flour / 400 g on Fri May 06, 2011 12:39 am



Yellow seeds in the civil treatment of diseases has a long history, many elderly people are aware it is a bone, the best recipe for strong bone and calcium. Yellow seeds of civil bone, strong bone to share, it is osteoporosis, calcium, recovery periosteum, increased bone density function of the best recipe. Calcium deficiency in the elderly caused by backache, back pain, leg cramps and other symptoms have a magical effect. Can promote the regeneration of human cells to regulate the meridians, nutrition cerebrum, cerebellum, people enhance memory, regulating the body's coordination and balance. At the same time have a good effect on weight loss. Yellow pumpkin seed powder, natural ingredients, taste paste incense, all ages.
Yellow seeds with the potassium, vitamin A, vitamin E and trace elements calcium, iron can promote the skin soft and smooth. Experts point out that calcium is the main component of bones, keep your bones strong, healthy body, only the calcium reserve early.
Net weight: 400 g
Price: $48
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