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Condoms premature ejaculation treatment help?

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Premature ejaculation is the most common male sexual dysfunction, many men much of its problems. Leading cause of premature ejaculation premature ejaculation can be divided into secondary and primary premature ejaculation. Secondary premature ejaculation is the essence of other diseases such as Fu-yan, prostatitis, spinal cord injury caused by a symptom, treatment needs to take measures against the primary disease. Usually cured with primary disease, premature ejaculation will follow the better. There is no exact cause of primary premature ejaculation, there are many treatments, but so far not yet a completely satisfactory measure.

Long before people noticed, wear a condom when having sex can delay ejaculation - treatment of premature ejaculation condoms seem to be. Now, many ads also claimed that condoms can be "treatment of premature ejaculation." Then condoms really have this effect? ​​In fact, there are many advertising is only exaggerated the condom has been extended after the ejaculation latency characteristics. Not all are suitable for use condoms premature ejaculation treatment. Combination in patients with erectile dysfunction or low sex drive, need to be fully satisfied with stimulation of the penis to get an erection in patients with premature ejaculation, do not wear a condom for treatment. Erectile dysfunction or low sexual desire is the cause of this type of important reasons for premature ejaculation, so you need to improve erectile quality or improve sexual desire. In short, these patients during sexual intercourse, the need for a full stroke penis to stimulate erection can be satisfied and maintained. If you wear a condom, penis, weakened by the local stimulation, but will affect the erection, and even lead to sexual intercourse can not be completed.

We know that patients with primary premature ejaculation, the penis often with other parts of the head or the Department of the sensitivity is too high, especially while there prepuce or phimosis of the patients, the penis are particularly sensitive to the local. These patients wear a condom when having sex, the penis and the vaginal wall due to increase in a layer of barrier between the penis will decrease the sensitivity of local, can play a role in delaying ejaculation. Patients with premature ejaculation can take advantage of this type of condom ejaculation latency time has been extended features, the ability to control ejaculation step by step training.

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