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Poland’s wine culture: mellow vodka

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1 Poland’s wine culture: mellow vodka on Sun Nov 24, 2013 5:42 am



Polish wodka worldwide reputation, wyborowa, zubrowka, luksusowa and belvedere brand almost anywhere are loud. Historical records from ancient Polish specialty wine beverage production first beer, okowita, Poland shochu palikotowka (formerly Water Spirits of Life) is after vodka.
Poland shochu palikotowka water spirits of a life, according to the Lublin region of Poland jablonna preserved ancient recipes lead. Grain-based water of life in oak barrels precipitation, the longer, the better the wine will bring home mellow. Featured accessories walnuts and raisins extracts, making this vodka smell fragrant, delicate flavor, taste lubrication. Poland shochu palikotowka is worth a taste of the wine connoisseur......

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