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By attracting, do not rely on recruitment

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1 By attracting, do not rely on recruitment on Mon Nov 25, 2013 3:26 am



Business recruitment failure rate is generally high, especially intermediate or senior staff recruitment, the failure rate as high as 60% to 80%.
Recruit top talent, is the recruitment of a major problem. Where are they? How to win business to these people?
SAS Institute Human Resources Officer Jeff said: “The best people who do not intend to change jobs, which means that those who are looking for work are not the best people, those who are employers looking for you – and not You go to them – in a way are some second-rate talent. ”
Class talent is “valuable corporate asset,” business layers are wrapped up, the outside world is difficult to break. They may not appear on job sites or recruitment market, but this still does not prevent them from becoming locked headhunting company “prey.”...

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