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Cat’s longest life expectancy 34 years

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1 Cat’s longest life expectancy 34 years on Mon Nov 25, 2013 4:34 am



1.   How long is the life of a cat

Under the “no major incidents, hunger, relatively healthy living environment,” the premise, the average life expectancy is 12 cats to 15 years, but now even live to be 20 years of age are also many of the cats. This is due to provide nutritionally balanced kitty cat, let the cat out, well-fed cat at home will be able to master more and more. No matter what kind of disease, the owner can be the cat to the animal hospital for treatment, which is a major reason for the cat to longevity. In general, long-haired cat’s life a little longer than the short-haired cat; keep cats indoors than long-life support in the field; male cats than cat’s long life...

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