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Queensland – concentrated essence of Tourism Australia

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Queensland is one of Australia’s six states, and its name is to commemorate Britain’s Queen Victoria. Queensland in northeast Australia, mainland China, east Pacific Ocean to the west and the Northern Territory and South Australia phase, south of New South Wales, north near the Gulf of Carpentaria, an area of 1,727,200 square kilometers, accounting for the Australian continent 22.4% area, is Australia’s second largest state. Queensland, about 54% of the area north of the Tropic of Capricorn, rainfall, warm climate, sunny, the “Sunshine State” in the world.
Queensland warmth
Gold Coast beaches, colored theme parks, nature and wildlife has long been thought to be concentrated essence of Tourism Australia as an ideal location for family travel, especially for the children bring to relax again. This year, Australia’s most unique and largest theme park Dreamworld WhiteWater World Waterpark latest joint Australia’s only beachside observation deck SkyPoint launched the Children’s Special Pass, Surfers Paradise is the creation of a children’s surfing lessons, exciting.

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