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More and more American families choose to have only one child

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The latest survey shows that the United States has consistently select multiple births American families, but in recent years more and more to choose only one child.
In the absence of family planning policy more and more American families choose to have only one child. The United States now has about 16 million one-child families, accounting for 1/5 of the total U.S. households. According to U.S. census data, 40 years ago, the United States has 18 families with children under the age of 1/3 is only a child, and now this proportion had risen to 43%, about 18% of married women in their reproductive age within only one child, this proportion has doubled over 30 years ago.
This year American female reporter Lauren Sandler wrote a best-selling book entitled “The one and only”, with one child as the only child of freedom and happiness. The book says the past is widely recognized that the one-child lonely, selfish no sense of responsibility, many sons and other concepts is actually a bias. Only one child let parents have more space and freedom of self-development, and well-child education as long as the same will be excellent people, like the Clintons only daughter Chelsea, the former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, are the only son female.
This book caused a strong reaction in the American family, many women began to come forward to discuss the benefits of only one child and helpless, although there are a lot of controversy, but the undeniable reality is that the one-child family in the United States and many other Western countries, growth one of the fastest growing family form.


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