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Many of the world to eat soil customs nation

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1 Many of the world to eat soil customs nation on Sat Nov 30, 2013 7:20 am



Many countries of the world have national custom to eat soil, is not entirely African countries, Sweden, Finland and other Nordic countries, such as, but also have had such customs. And early in Siberia at the time away from home will do some mud balls, walked bite to express thoughts of love for the homeland.
As far as I know, the Africans also eat soil for thousands of years to adapt to the result of nature. South Africa, who has done research, they found that the soil contains 65 kinds of elements needed by the body, so people here with clay to treat dysentery, cholera and other diseases, and it is not without any scientific basis.

In Kenya, eating mud finally able to find some food in the shadow, they braced some cassava, corn, potatoes, eat bananas in the earth, and then as a cooked meal, eat together.
In Africa, looking for soil, soil mixed with the secret formula is detached many tribes and families. Today, the city people eat less and less land is definitely one to seek medical treatment is relatively easy, and secondly in the city to find a suitable source of soil is not an easy thing, refinement inevitable. And in the vast countryside, soil food customs are still widely circulated.
In Haiti, people will have to eat the cake tradition. They think people are inseparable from the land and the need to obtain spiritual nourishment from the soil.

Walking in Tanzania, East Africa, you will find that children often took a root “candy bar” looks like a sell small ham, locals told me that this is an original mud stick!
In the local market, there will be a large basket on a large basket of vegetables and fruit stand mud stick, is made of local clay. Stall told me that these mud sticks are nutritional supplements to pregnant women. Children also liked, but adult men generally do not eat. I have the courage to bite a piece, I feel a little salty, a little astringent, there are kinds of vaguely smell, I can not swallow, so the rest of the big half a smoothly to the side of a small boy, he immediately ate with relish up, it feels like eating a piece of chocolate......

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