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Too easy to induce prostatitis masturbation

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Many 20-year-old young men, often feel perineal pain, urinary frequency, urgency and other symptoms. Upon inspection, turned out to be chronic prostatitis. Why would a young age will suffer from middle-aged men get the disease? Understand the situation of these young men found Most of them have frequent masturbating (Masturbation) habits, and some day even up to three or four times, and has lasted for many years. In fact, in essence, masturbation (masturbation) and sexual life is not much different, appropriate masturbation (masturbation) also help ease pressures to avoid sexual repression caused discomfort. The general health of unmarried young people, as long as no symptoms, 1-2 times a week masturbation (masturbation) is normal.

However, once masturbation (masturbation) are too frequent, can lead to chronic prostatitis. Sexual arousal, the prostate will be in congestion state, making genital blood flow deposition. If the time congestion, will create the suitable environment for bacterial growth. The bacteria produce toxins, will directly damage the local tissue, leading to increased free radicals, and further increase the local tissue damage, thus forming a vicious cycle.

In addition, the prostate itself is coated with a tough, if the duct is often blocked pathogens and necrotic tissue, while the role of drug is difficult to access lesions in the other lesions of toxins and pathogens can not come out, leading to prostatitis difficult to cure and easy to repeat.

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